Internship Jobs

Oh yes! The fun part of spending your internship with us is the probability of getting a future employment.  Our  Interns are responsible for performing various assigned duties under more experienced team.

  • A Management Trainee or intern has to work in various departments of the organization, ranging from human resource to sales and IT.
  • He has to adapt himself to working with different sets of people and in different departments any given day.
  • His main duty is to gain as much knowledge of the organization as he can and prepare himself for a managerial role.
  • He has to make himself aware of the policies and practices of the organization he is working for.
  • He has to spend time observing experienced staff of the organization in order to learn about the necessary methods and procedures.
  • He has to involve the senior management in setting goals and objectives for himself.
  • He has to monitor his progress with the help of the team mate.
  • He has to learn about the inner workings of the different roles in our team.
  • It is important for a management trainee to have good interpersonal skills as he has to interact with the staff of different departments on a regular basis.
  • He should be a quick learner and have a desire to gain knowledge.
  • Being self confident, approachable and possessing leadership skills are important pre – requisites in being successful in this profession.
  • He should also be resourceful and well – organized.

The minimum educational qualification required for being a management trainee is a high school diploma. Having an Associate’s, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree is an added advantage.

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