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4 types of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is not defined by a single type.  So, you think you got that unique idea?  You find your investors, launch the business, start running it with a team of experts. Sounds like simple enough, yes? Not quite. Before you venture into starting your own business, get to know the four types of entrepreneurship: Small Business Entrepreneurship In this day

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To Succeed With Your Small Business Avoid These 5 Mistakes

At one time or another, virtually everyone thinks about starting a business. The allure of being your own boss can be strong, but it’s important to remember that launching a new business is risky: According to a recent SBA report, [PDF link] about 50% of all small businesses will fail within just five years. Managing a startup can be a

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Powerful Online Tools for your Business

Entrepreneurs need and want to do more with less in other words, doing more and spending less. They also know that building an empire would take a lot of time, sleep and finances. Given the current competition in the market nowadays, it would be so hard to balance everything. Who says it would be that way? Here are some powerful

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