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Affordable Healthcare for the Self Employed

  Healthcare? Let’s face it, the majority of solo entrepreneurs or self employed individuals  in the Philippines do not have healthcare plans.  In accordance to the Philippine Statistics Authority, about 28.2% of the employed populations are self-employed. We all get the notion that being self-employed can draw a lot of benefits. Working for yourself and owning your time, might be

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Dengue Prevention

Prevention is better than cure. Teaching you the basic tips on how we can avoid having dengue fever.    


Dengue Health Series by Horsepower.ph

Dengue is caused by a virus and there are no antiviral drugs  or injections for its cure. The only treatment is to treat the symptoms and prevention. Protect yourself by getting horsepower.ph healthcare plans here. This video explains why we should all care about dengue.  


Leptospirosis Signs and Symptoms

as a continuation of our health series, we will now discuss the signs and symptoms of Leptospirosis. Patients usually show symptoms like sudden onset of fever, chills, and headache. The headache is often severe and has been described as a bitemporal, frontal throbbing headache accompanied by pain behind the orbit of the eye and painful sensitiveness to light. Muscle pain and tenderness is also

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How Can a Self-Employed Avail of Managed Healthcare Benefits and Insurance Coverage

    Being self-employed is easy in some ways, but hard in a lot of ways. Yes, you may own a lot of your time and you’re your own boss. However, what makes self-employment hard is availing of your own health care services, most especially in the Philippines. When you finally get to have your own health care service and

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